How To Connect Avolite Titan Simulator and Cast Wysiwyg

How To Connect Avolite Titan Simulator and Cast Wysiwyg

In this post I will explain how to connect Avolite Titan Simulator with Cast Wysiwyg.

Thanks to TRUSSDESIGN.IT for the use of Cast Wysiwyg


First you need to install on your PC the Loopback Adapter network connection.
I will show you how it works with windows 7.

1. go to “Start”
2. Run Cmd as administrator (right click on CMD and select “Run as Administrator”)
3. From the command prompt enter “hdwwiz.exe”


4. Select “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)


5. From the list select “Network Adapters


6. Select the manufacturer “Microsoft” and the in right column “Microsoft Loopback Adapter



7. Press Next and, once the installation is complete, check that everything is unsuccessful clicking with the right mouse button on the “Computer” in the Start menu or on the desktop, and select Properties.

Check: Device Manager – Network Adapter – Microsoft Loopback Adapter

8. Go now to Network Connections (where there are all the connections Lan, Wireless etc …) and pressing the right mouse button on all of them (except for “Local Area Connection (LAN)” containing the newly created Microsoft Loopback) disable them


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  • Chuchi Lucero Punkcela

    You can work with Martin Show Designer

    • walter lutzu

      I know, there’re a lot of lighting software: Capture Polar, vectorworks, esp vision…

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  • fulvio barbieri

    walter, thaks for the information, but our questions are…1.- .this procedure (installing wigalizer and loopback adapter, must be done at boths PC´s? the one with Titan and the one with wtsiwyg? 2.- if we install wigalizer , it shows automatically an IP address……if this is the .we have to configure this ip address in the local network configuration settings (plus submask)? 3.- do we have to use an RJ45 (crossed) inverted cable ? thank you, Fulvio Barbieri from Chile

    • walter lutzu

      Hi fulvio, you need Wygalizer only if you use wyg and avo on same pc. If you connect them on 2 pc you need to set ip address and subnet mask correctly like 2.0.0.x –

  • fulvio barbieri

    Walter…do we need a key or something like a dongle to run Titan (installed at PC 1) and also a dongle at wysiwyg (running on PC2)?

  •  Walter Lutzu||skype:sbrebo