Android Apps for lighting tecnhician and lighting designer (UPDATE 02/2014)

Android Apps for lighting tecnhician and lighting designer

Android apps for lighting tecnhician and lighting designer is a detailed collection of all the tools for Android helpful to the work of technician specializing in entertainment lighting.

The list is divided by type and by clicking on the icon you will be redirected to google play from where you can download the app.


MagicQ Remote
MagicQ Remote enables remote control of MagicQ systems including MagicQ consoles and MagicQ PC Wing solutions.MagicQ Remote supports remote focusing with pan and tilt encoders, colour adjustment using the colour picker, and rig testing through the unique MagicQ Execute window. Palettes and Cues can be edited and updated.
Titan Remote
The Titan Remote works alongside your Avolites Titan lighting console to provide moving light control from your mobile phone or tablet.Avolites designs and manufacturers lighting consoles for use in the entertainment industry. The Avolites range leads the world for fast and intuitive moving light control. To use the Titan Remote you must have an Avolites Titan console connected to your device via a WiFi network.
The aRFR from Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. provides a riggers remote for any Eos or Congo Family product. This application can be used with both operating systems and requires Eos family software 1.9.6 or higher and Congo family software 6.1 or higher installed on the connected lighting system. The aRFR supports all of the features on the Net3 RFR product, adding more functionality through the use of the touchscreen. The exact features of the aRFR are sourced by the connected control system; not all features are supported for both platforms. Check the documentation for your console.
Vector iControl
Compulite’s Vector iControl App for the Android users is a powerful application to remotely control and edit basic functions of all Vector lighting consoles. The App provides real-time information of the Console through a friendly user Interface. By using the Vector iControl App, you are able to control moving lights, conventional lights, create and store Cues and libraries, add groups, control highlight and lowlight and more. The Application also allows you to control Dimmer levels through an interactive Dimmer Wheel, Pan and Tilt through an interactive trackball as well as the ability to control all other parameters using an interactive wheel, all from a remote location anywhere within your local area network.


The LightSmart App from UL is a free app designed to help consumers transition their home lighting to energy efficient technology. Through interactive screens, users are able to take a photo of their room and see how differences in light would impact their space. Consumers can learn about concepts of energy savings, color, light and wattage, and then create a shopping list to take with them to a store.
Lighting Handbook
Lighting Handbook is a tool for all theatre, corporate and event technicians.
It displays information on nearly 1000 moving lights, Dimmers, Conventional fixtures & effects:
If your device is connected to the internet, the manual is then available for viewing right within the app. You can also store manuals for offline viewing either within Lighting Handbook or in your favourite PDF viewing app.
Another feature is the Lamp Guide, Giving detailed information on individual lamps like Par 64, T class lamps, HPL’s and more!
Stage Hand StageHand is an application that allows easy dip switch and light beam calculations for stage hands or anyone with an interest in lighting equipment. We have added a bunch of tools and reference materials, like a color calculator, pin outs, watts to amps converter, and more.
LD Tools A tool set for lighting technicians.
-Calculate numeric DMX address from DIP switch configuration. -Calculate DIP switch configuration from numeric DMX address. -Calculate universe number from DMX addresses over 512. -Calculate ArtNet universe (subnet:universe) from DMX addresses over 512. -Generate DMX Patch chart containing fixture id (of same type), DMX address and DIP configuration. -Saves last generated patch chart. -Calculate Power, Amps or Voltage in simple single-phase systems. -Calculate quick approximate 3-phase total Wattage & Amperage (for use with single-phase systems) -Calculate beam size, distance & angle.
Stage Lighting This app is a simple calculator for determining beam and field spread information for common theatrical lighting fixtures. It comes preloaded with data for 50 units plus has the ability to calculate generic spreads for fixtures not included.
To use, select the fixture from the drop down menu and input either the Trim Height and Floor Distance or the total Throw Distance. The calculator then determines the Beam and Field spreads and the estimated Footcandles at that distance for the fixture. As a bonus it will also tell you the color frame size for the unit.
In addition, if you need more information about the unit the app links to the manufacturer’s data sheets.
This app will be fully supported so if you need additional units not on the list, feel free to use the provided method on the app to request new fixtures or features that are not on the initial release.
Rw Color Picker Pick color codes from pictures or compose colors from scratch.
How to use rwColorPicker:
1. Take a picture by camera or choose a picture from your gallery.
2. Tap on the picture to mark the color you want to get.
3. Fine tune the selected color by using the RGB controls.
4. Fully satisfied? Then you can save your color along with an optional note.
SwatchBook A swatchbook for lighting designers to pick gels from. Has Rosco, Lee, Gam, and Apollo gels listed. Allows a designer to find similar gels to any they may have, and gels may be saved to lists to remember for a later date.
If there are other gel manufacturers you would like to see in the application please email me your suggestions and I would be happy to add them.
For obvious reasons, should not be used as a final call in which gels to use, but handy as a quick reference.
Light Meter SProfessional light intensity (lux) meter for your device.
It measures illumination levels in lux.This app requires devices with a light sensor. It uses native light sensor data acquisition that gives accurate and instant light intensity reading. This type of native data acquisition is available only for:■ HTC (Hero, Magic, MyTouch, Legend, Desire, Wildfire etc.)
■ Samsung (SGS, SGS2, SGS3, SGS4, Vibrant, Epic, Captivate, Fascinate, SGTab, Note, Note2 etc.)
■ Sony Ericsson (SE X8i, X10, XT etc.)
■ Asus (EeePad, Transformer etc.)
White Balance This app uses the phone’s camera as a color temperature meter. It has a memory to store and compare colors and will recommend filters to use in photography and cinematography.Useful in production design for storing colors as references and cinematographers for storing colors to match shots with previous shots. Ensure consistent color temperature from shot to shot.* Gives Color Temperature
* Shows colors on Hue Saturation diagram
* Shows Spectrum of colours
* Shows Gels
* Shows Camera filters
* Shows xy coordinates for colors
* Shows Red, Green, Blue information



Electro Droid ElectroDroid is a mix of tool and info for electronic applications.
Pinouts is the complete collection of common audio / video / lighting / computer and other connector pinouts.
Electro Memory
The ideal tool and handbook for the electrician, both in training and during exercise. The Elektro-Memory is practice-oriented and created specifically for the needs of the electrician. It serves as a reminder and contains everything an electrician needs while on tour for his work. The Electro-Memory is useful in case of insecurities of the moment and answers all the most important issues that arise in daily practice. Formulas, cables, installation codes, planning, lighting, first aid, asbestos and more facilitate the work of the electrician. The user is in a hurry to answer to his issues with the search function.


Smart Tools
Smart Tools is a comprehensive collection of tools divided into 5 sets of applications. This collection comprises 5 sets in the Pro version for a total of 15 instruments. In two words, an application All-in-One.
for more detailed descriptions, see the manuals for each application, watch videos on YouTube and visit the blog:
Knots 3D
– Learn how to make 87 knots unique
– Located in: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese and English!
– Search nodes by category, type, or favorite displays the full catalog
– Watch tying knots, stop and adjust the speed of the animation at any time.
– View nodes in 3D and turn them 360 degrees to study them from any angle
– Expand the node to observe it better
– Interact with the knot on screen through multi-touch gestures
Convert Pad
ConvertPad and ConvertPad Plus(Ad-free version) are most powerful and fully featured Unit converter, Currency converter and Calculator. It’s a simple but the most powerful unit converter. (10,000,000+ downloads). ConvertPad is intuitive and easy to use. Features fast, real time currency and unit conversion in a clean interface. It has everything you loved on the original ConvertPad Ad version.Features
* Universal Unit converter and Calculator
* Currency conversions
* Multiple languages support
* Customizing feature for Favorite Units
* User-defined Categories and Units
* Various Setting option
* Steam tables
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