Iphone and Ipad apps for lighting tecnhician and lighting designer (UPDATED 04/09/2013)

Iphone and Ipad apps for lighting tecnhician and lighting designer

Iphone and Ipad apps for lighting tecnhician and lighting designer is a detailed collection of all the tools for iOS helpful to the work of technician specializing in entertainment lighting.

The list is divided by type and by clicking on the icon you will be redirected to iTunes app store from where you can download the app.


Lighting Handbook
Lighting Handbook is a tool for all theatre, corporate and event technicians.
It displays detailed information on nearly 1000 moving lights, Dimmers, Consoles, Conventional fixtures & Effects with downloadable manuals for each fixture.Other features are:
• Pinout Diagrams
• 3 Phase colours (Multiple countries)
• Torch feature
• IP Ratings
• DMX Dip switch calculator
• Access equipment info (Zarges & Tallescopes)
• Lamps information


Show Tool LDmza_3025839471526556097 Simple. Powerful.
Comprehensive suite of Lighting Design and Electrics utilities for theatre and film
Stagehand for iPhone brings the Roscolux and Apollo gel swatchbook to your iPhone and iPod touch! Gels are sorted into swatchbook order and can be searched to find the perfect color. Each gel is complete with its name, description, transmission, and also includes its RGB and HSB values for use with non-conventional lights and for mixing primary colors on cycloramas. Also included is a light mode where gel colors can be previewed by turning your device into a light fixture gelled with the selected color.
iStage All Access
iStage is a Professional Live Event Production Utility that is designed for touring and theatrical technicians.Over 3,000 worldwide venue spec listings, power converters, carpentry tools, lighting calculators, EVERYTHING!
Rw Color Picker Pick color codes from real world objects or compose colors from scratch.How to use rwColorPicker:1. Take a picture by camera or choose a picture from your gallery.
2. Tap on the picture to mark the color you want to get.
3. Fine tune the selected color by using the RGB controls.
4. Fully satisfied? Then you can save your color along with an optional note.
MagicQ Remote ChamSys MagicQ systems provide leading edge control of stage lighting, LED pixelmapping and media systems. The MagicQ Remote enables remote control of MagicQ systems including MagicQ consoles and MagicQ PC Wing
solutions.MagicQ Remote supports remote focusing with pan and tilt encoders, remote colour adjustment using the rainbow colour picker, and remote testing through the unique MagicQ Execute Window. Palettes and Cues can be edited and updated.ChamSys MagicQ software supports up to 9216 channels (18 Universes) and is available to download and use for free from ChamSys website www.chamsys.co.uk
 GrandMa e Ma Remote
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The grandMA consoles are the core of the fully integrated MA system. The grandMA consoles are able to control – in the most elegant manner – moving lights, conventional lights, and effects, as well as LEDs and video. The reliable and proven operational philosophy allows a direct, flexible and intuitive way of working.As there are more and more moving lights in the market, the use of remote control units together with lighting control systems has become more and more important. The solution of using a state-of-the-art mobile device in connection with a network together with the grandMA (1 & 2) consoles is offering a number of new operating possibilities. Many important operational functions of the grandMA (1 & 2) consoles can be realized with the remote control.The MA Remote can also be easily used in connection with a grandMA onPC (1&2). Because of the bi-directional communication between grandMA and remote control it is also possible to show intensities and positions or attributes of moving lights in real-time..
Sometimes you need to measure the illumination intensity on your desktop, in the living room or in the office. It makes you buy a special luxmeter – the device that most likely you will never need again. This app allows you to use the camera of iPhone or iPad2/new to measure the light intensity.
Please note that LuxMeter app is not a replacement for a professional device and should be used for private purposes only.
LightSpectrum Pro
LightSpectrum Pro is a simple application that uses the camera ‘s internal iPhone to calculate the color temperature in degrees Kelvin of light from a light bulb or the environment.
MyGobo by Rosco
Rosco myGobo for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is the perfect tool for lighting designers, technicians and creative directors on the go.
Containing the entire Rosco gobo library of more than 2300 images, myGobo makes it easy to browse, compare and select steel, glass or
effects gobos, black and white or color, no matter where you are — in your studio, at the tech table, in a design meeting or even in transit.
Gel Swatch Library HD2058-1-gel-swatch-library-hd In addition to all of the functionality of the iPhone version of the Gel Swatch Library allowing you to browse and compare thousands of gels from Apollo, GAM, Lee and Rosco, we have added the following new features:- Projects! You can now create multiple lists of gel colors, include notes with the individual gels and email the project from your iPad.- HSL color picker.
– Search filters (include only specific manufacturers in your search).
– Access to measured transmission data in the graph views.
Lightwright Touchmzl.ulxynmie.175x175-75 Lightwright Touch provides mobile viewing and editing of Lightwright® 5 lighting equipment data. If you use Lightwright, or schedules and hookups printed from Lightwright, this is the portable, navigable, editable worksheet tool you have been waiting for.
Theatre Words LEmzl.rwihirvx.175x175-75 Have you ever wondered what things are called in a Theatre?
Here is the ultimate answer, in the palm of your hand.The official Theatre Words Apps are simply the best way to answer all questions on what all things are called in and around the Theatre. All the words have been thoroughly translated by experts in each area.Theatre Words is a multilanguage illustrated dictionary with translations of words for theatre technicians and scenographers, sound engineers, lighting engineers, stage engineers and curious spectators that want to know more about the world that surrounds them.Theatre Words contains more than 1.200 words at your fingertips whenever and wherever you want and currently offers translations between 24 languages.
ZWCAD Touchmzl.pigdxsuw.175x175-75 ZWCAD Touch is the first CAD (Computer-Aided Design) that integrates cloud storage services (like Dropbox and SkyDrive) internally. Developed by ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd., ZWCAD Touch open and save DWG files directly, ensuring high compatibility and interaction with ZWCAD on desktop PC.
Sandymzl.lrctazvy.175x175-75 Remote control for Prego, EGO and Hathor(ADB) professional stage and studio light control systems.
Luminair for iPadicon Advanced creative lighting control for Live Entertainment, Film/TV production, Architecture and beyond.Luminair for iPad v2 is the ultimate lighting control tool for live entertainment, film/tv production, architecture, and for anyone else who works with creative lighting. It goes where no other lighting controller can, offering wireless connectivity on the best mobile computing device ever created. Luminair is a full-featured lighting control platform, capable of controlling all DMX compliant gear including LED fixtures, conventional lighting, dimmers, media servers, and more, using any Art-Net or sACN to DMX interface.



Ohms Law Calc.
Ohms Law Calc. consists of
1. Voltage calculator
2. current calculator
3. resistance Calculator
4. power Calculator
and formulas
Pinouts includes “at your fingertips” information for pinouts and wiring diagrams for a number of commonly used network, audio, video, computer, and telephone connectors and more! Complete with color codes, you will be able to quickly find how to wire RJ45, USB, Firewire, VGA, Audio, Video, Computer and other connectors
Electro Memory
Electro-Memory is practice-oriented and created specifically for the needs of the electrician. It serves as a reminder and contains everything an electrician needs while it is around the his work. Electro-Memory is useful in case of insecurities of the moment and answers all the most important issues that arise in daily practice.Formulas, cables, installation codes, planning, lighting, first aid, asbestos and more facilitate the work of the electrician. The user is in a hurry to answer to his issues with the search function.


Smart Tools
SYou do not always have at hand the measuring instruments you need. But your iPhone is always with you! “Smart Tools – Flashlight, Level, Protractor, Ruler, Compass, Metal Detector, Sound Meter, Vibration Meterr” app will turn your iPhone into a tool set that will be in your pocket right when you need it!
Knots 3D
– Learn how to make 87 knots unique
– Located in: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese and English!
– Search nodes by category, type, or favorite displays the full catalog
– Watch tying knots, stop and adjust the speed of the animation at any time.
– View nodes in 3D and turn them 360 degrees to study them from any angle
– Expand the node to observe it better
– Interact with the knot on screen through multi-touch gestures
Convert Pad
Handles over 120 conversion calculations for U.S. Standard and Metric Measurement for length, area, volume, fluid, weight, time, computer, and temperature.
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