Realizzer 3D: Fixture Builder

In this tutorial I’ll show you Realizzer Fixture Builder, an interesting feature placed inside Realizzer 3D that allow you to build your fixture without wait for software updates.

You can open it directly from Realizzer selecting Tools – Realizzer Fixture Builder.

Realizzer Fixture Builder is easy to use and very intuitive. There’re four section where you can set the basic information about the fixture, design the color wheel and effect wheel, set DMX channels and test the fixture.

Fixture Info

  • 1-settaggio tipo faroFirst, click on “file” – “new from template” and set the basic template. In this example I built a Sagitter Black Arrow fixture starting from a MH-Size1 template.
  • Set the thumbnail image and 2d cad symbol, they will be usefull when you have to choose the fixture from realizzer.
  • Set the manufacturer, the name of the fixture, weight and dimensions.
  • Now you’ve to set some informations usefull for the system to allow a perfect simulation of the fixture, max pan angle, max tilt angle, min speed and max speed.
  • Last impostant thing: set max beam angle, and lux@5mt. You can find all these info on the manufacturer web site.

Now you’ve to design the wheel like colour wheel, gobos wheel and prism wheel.

Colour Wheel Editor

  • Go on tab “Wheel Editor“, click on  “Add Wheel“, and set the name (es. Color Wheel)
  • In the middle section of the screen you’ve to set the slot count, the type of wheel (COLOR, GOBO or EFFECT) and the name.
  • Set the rotation speed, usefull to create a real rainbow effect.
  • On the right section, go on “Color Filter” tab, click on the color you need and drag it on the wheel slot.

3-1 colori

Effect Wheel Editor 

  • Go on tab “Wheel Editor“, click on “Add Wheel“, and set the name (es. Rotating Gobo Wheel)
  • Set the slot count, type of wheel (GOBO o EFFECT) and the name.
  • Now you’ve to set the rotation speed of the wheel and of the slot. It will be usefull to create the rotation effect you need.
  • On the right section of the screen go on “Gobo Library” tab, choose the gobo and drag it on the slot. same for Prism effect, that are inside effect folder.
    If you need you can add the gobos you need inside the folder “C:\Realizzer\library\Images\Gobos\…”. Image file must be bitmap – 128×128 pix.

3-2 gobos

DMX Table

First thing to do is to create the DMX Mode. Go on tab “DMX Settings” and click on “Add DMX Channel” and set the name (es. Mode 1).

To create the DMX channel click on “Add DMX Channel“, click on the new channel and click on “Function Type“. There you can set the type of channel (Dimer, Shutter, Wheel etc…).
Alternatively you can click on the little arrow next to “Add DMX Channel” and choose the channel you want to create (Pan, Tilt, RGB, RGBW or CMY)

About Pan and Tilt channels in necessary to set the DMX channel (only slot 1 if 8 bit or slot 1 and 2 if 16 bit) and set “Linked Objects“=”Pan” or “Tilt” (right click on label area – “Add Object” – “Pan” or “Tilt“)

How to set Color Whell DMX channels:

  • Add DMX channel and set “function type“=”Wheel Slot
  • Give a name to the Color Whell
  • Set the wheel that it will use, and set DMX Address.
  • Set “Linked Objects“=”Light” (right click on Linked Object label area and set “Add Object” – “Light
  • Add preset value clicking on “Add Preset
  • Set “Preset Type“=”Color weel slot” – “Color Slot
  • Select the color from the wheel
  • Set the colour name
  • Set min, default and max value

4-3 dmx channel whell

DMX Channel

4-4 preset color


How to set Effect Wheel DMX channels:

  • Add DMX channel and set “function type“=”Wheel Slot
  • Give a name to the Effect Wheel
  • Set the wheel that will be used (gobos or prism) and set DMX Address.
  • Set “Linked Objects“=”Light
  • Add preset value clicking on “Add Preset
  • Set  “Preset Type“=”Gobo Weel Slot“-“Gobo Slot
  • Set effect name
  • Set min, default and max value
  • Set “Can Rotate” if is a rotatable slot

5-1 gobos dmx

DMX Channel

5-2 preset gobos can rotate


How to set rotatable slot DMX channels:

  • Add DMX channel and set “function type“= “Weels“-“Wheel slot rotation
  • Give a name to the Effect Wheel (es. Gobos Rotation or Prism Rotation)
  • Set the wheel where the effect will operate (es. gobos or prism) and set DMX Address.
  • Set “Linked Objects“=”Light
  • Add preset value clicking on “Add Preset
  • Set “preset type“=”Weel slot rotation“-“CW Wheel Rotation” or “CCW Wheel Rotation” or “Stop Weel Rotation
  • Set min, default and max value

For all the other channels, you will notice that there are several “Function Type” and “Preset Type” depending on your needs.

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