– services for Lighing Designers – services for Lighing Designers is a group located in Genoa, held by the Pratica Mente S.A.S. – Genoa.
It provides all the services for the Lighting Designers helping them in all the phases: from the planning to the preparation and the realization of the event. is the specialized Italian leader into the development of the light project on a high profile: from the events to the live shows.
Layer-7Thanks to the WYSIWYG software provided by Cast Soft and to the RenderFarm technology, offers the possibility to pre-view the projects with realistic video rendering, to program the light platforms in a virtual environment (3d fine-monitors)  avoiding all the useless costs of preparation and set-up on-site. This technique reduces the expenses for the preparation and allows the Designer to program his/her own show quite a lot of months before the debut, having the necessary time to devote to his/her own light creation. has already worked with different Italian and international artists – in the live-shows, in the Musical shows, in the operas, in several Conventions and in the interior design illumination. Besides the service of planning, provides a professional crew to help the L.D. in every aspect of his/her work, from the assemblage of the projectors up to the planning of the show, offering a full service, from the office (from the planning) to the stage. is a new way to face the show.

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